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What is Web+?

Web+ is to this web site what VCR+ is to your TV and VCR. It allows you to jump directly to a particular web page, Discussion Forum topic, or Knowledge Base Article by entering a short code. 

Where do I find Web+ codes?

Web+ codes are published in printed materials, or might be sent to you via email as a reference for more information about a topic.  There are also a number of generic Web+ codes that would be common search terms, such as "DC", "Updates", "Jobs", "5500", "Forum" etc. that link to pre-defined pages.

How do I use it?

Simply enter the Web+ code in the space provided, and press the button

Helpful Hints:

  • Web+ codes are case insensitive. It doesn't matter if you used upper or lower case letters.
  • Check for plurals or lack thereof.  e.g.: job vs. jobs.
  • To access a DATAIR Knowledge Base Article through Web+, enter the Knowledge Base Article Number, including the "DKB" prefix.
  • To access a DATAIR Forum thread through Web+, enter the Forum Topic ID, including the "TOPIC" prefix.
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