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 Client Manager Highlights
Client & Task Manager System


Take Control of the Information that controls your office
Meet all of your filing deadlines
Optimize your Plan Administration processing

Client & Task Manager contains:

  • Company Information Database
  • Plan Information Database
  • Task Manager Database

Client & Task Manager helps the:

  • Consultant service the client more effectively by providing instant access to client and plan specifications, contacts and advisors.
  • Office Manager control the office work-flow and monitor staff resources.
  • Pension Administrator meet plan and regulatory (IRS, DOL and PBGC) deadlines and prevent any tasks from slipping through the cracks.
  • Sales Team record and track leads, generate individual and mass correspondence, and maintain "tickler" file for timely follow-ups.

Company Database:

  • The company database stores all pertinent company information, such as addresses, phone numbers, contact information, sales information and service history. Companies may include clients, prospects, advisors, refferal sources, vendors or others.
  • Queries enable you to find your clients by a variety of selection criteria and quickly send a letter to each, through mail merge printing, to mail notices advising of changes in legislation, alerts, advice or invitations.
  • Contact history is maintained with the company information providing you with convenient reminders of follow-up communications.

Plan Database:

  • The plan database stores basic plan specifications (dates, eligibility, retirement requirements), and contribution sources, as well as document information, investment data and participant totals.
  • Information is selective to the type of Plan maintained.
  • Through the plan database you can assign responsibility for your staff, and keep track of the people who advise the plan for investments, insurance and legal matters.

Task Manager Database:

Task Manager will help you determine what is causing delays in production. It improves your office productivity and efficiency through work management. It helps you evaluate your staff resources, and catch administrative backlogs before they get out of hand. Don't miss any more government deadlines!

The Task Manager database allows you to develop simple or multi-level templates (groupings of tasks) for the complex procedures of plan administration, plan qualification, and plan termination. These templates are then assigned to the plan as needed, and used to track the work progress of each task.

By being in control of the procedures that control your office, you can prevent the loss of time through missed assignments, rushed deadlines, and lost communications. You can regulate and measure the workload and productivity of each employee. And you can determine, at a glance, the status of any plan at any time using "views" you can customize, save, and retrieve easily.

Future Modules:

  • Staff Manager
  • HelpLine
  • Time & Billing

System Requirements:

  • Windows NT 4.0 or greater or Windows 98 or greater
  • Pentium  200 Processor
  • 64 MB RAM (128 MB for NT/2000/XP)

Windows 98, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 are trade marks of Microsoft Corporation.
Pentium is a registered trademark of the Intel Corporation.


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