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Cash Balance Option


The best software for Cash Balance/401(k) Combo Plans at the lowest price!

The hottest trend in pensions made easy with DATAIR

Looking for an easy and economical way to increase your revenues by expanding services to your existing client base? Adding Cash Balance plans to existing 401(k) plans is easy with DATAIR's Cash Balance Option.

Our Cash Balance/401(k) Combo Plans software:

  • EASY to add Cash Balance to existing DC plans.
  • EASY to TRIPLE tax deductions for your DC clients.
  • EASY to increase the number of your plans, their assets, and your revenue.
  • EASY to pay for the software itself with your first Cash Balance plan.
  • EASY to use templates take the worries out of non-discrimination testing.

Sample Reports (Click on image to view)

401(k) Reports

Cash Balance Reports
Combined CB/401(k) Plan Reports

Plan Comparison Reports

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