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 FlexPlus/Win Cafeteria Admin.

FlexPlus Cafeteria Plan Administration System

Now! with Benefit Debit Cards

One system with everything needed to efficiently propose, administer, and test Flexible Benefit Plans including Section 125 FSAs, Dependent Care Accounts, HRAs, HSAs, and Section 132(f) Transportation Reimbursement plans.

Options include MICR/LaserChecks and ACH/Direct Deposit and, in partnership with Evolution Benefits, The Benny™ Benefits Debit Card with participant Internet access.

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Sample Reports

Hardware/Software Requirements

For your Section 125, 105, 132(f) and HSA plan document needs, see DATAIR's Cafeteria Plan Document System. And, for your welfare plan Form 5500 reporting needs, see DATAIR's Pension Reporter Government Forms System.